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St.Paul’s Church Diu India

The St.Paul’s Church, is situated in Diu Island, on the West Coast of India. It is located within the Diu Fort, which came under the control of the Portuguese colonists in early 16th century. The St. Paul’s Church, named after St. Paul, the Apostle of Jesus also known as the Apostle to the Gentiles is the most prominent, surviving and functioning church, among the three churches built by the Portuguese in Diu. It is considered one of the best examples of baroque architecture in India during the 1601 AD, it was built in the style of a similar basilica church namely, the Bom Jesus Basilica at Goa; its construction was completed in 1610 AD. The Church, built in the Baroque architectural style, exhibits strong similarity but with better workmanship and design than the Bom Jesus Basilica at Goa built in 1605 AD, which was also built by the Portuguese during their colonial rule of the territory. The interior of the church is decorated with intricately carved wood work that is considered one

Charles Mead

Rev.Charles Mead was the Father of the South Travancore Mission, born on 1st October 1792 at Bristol, Gloucester, England. He was brought up by his uncle Rev.John Hunt at Wakefield, Yorkshire, attended Gosport Missionary School and ordained at Chichester on 6th March 1816. According to the London Mission Society’s report, Rev.Charles Mead was nominated for Travancore as Rev.Ringeltaube’s successor. He married Rev.Hunt’s daughter. He left from England on 20th April, 1816 for Travancore and arrived at Madras on 28th August 1816 along with Rev.Richard Knill, who known as the pastor of the church at St Petersburg. He was received by Rev.Loveless, who was the first England missionary of Madras. Rev.Mead was detained a considerable time at Rev.Loveless’s house at Madras by his wife's ill-health and he studied Tamil. There after he gave early intimation of his arrival to Col.Munro and consulted him on various subjects related to the mission affairs and solicited help. After one year back,

Samuel Dyer

Samuel Dyer, a British Protestant Christian Missionary to China, was born on 20th February 1804 at Greenwich, London in England to John Dyer and Eliza (Seager). He was the fourth son of his parents. His father was a Secretary of the Royal Hospital for Seaman and later became Chief clerk of the Admiralty in 1820. John Dyer was also an acquaintance of Robert Morrison, who was the first Protestant missionary to China, a connection that would have enormous implications in the life of his son, Samuel Dyer. Robert Morrison and his Chinese tutor Yong Sam-tek visited the Dyer’s home in Greenwich during Morrison’s period of study in medicine and astronomy. Samuel Dyer was obtained early education from home town and then educated in a boarding school at Woolwich, in South East London, superintended by the Rev.John Bickerdike, a pastor with the English Dissenters. In 1820, he experienced a conversion to Christ at Thomas Wilson's Paddington Chapel in Paddington, Northwest London, under minist

Armenian Church

The Armenian Church, Chennai was initially constructed on 1712 near Fort St.George, and it was destroyed in the French Siege in 1746. The Church was completely rebuilt again on 1772, on the site of the Armenian cemetery. That is a marvel of architectural beauty and this is one of the credited monuments in Tamil Nadu and among oldest churches existing in India. It has a magnificent bell tower having 6 bells, claimed to be the largest in Chennai. The Church is located on the Armenian Street, Chennai, Tamilnadu, in South India. Armenians are believed to be establishing first trade links with India during the 16th century A.D and the Armenian merchants for the same purpose landed in the city, and got settled there. They soon began building houses and it is during the same era that a church was constructed that continues to occupy the ground till date. The church is also famous as the Armenian Church of Virgin Mary. The Church complex consists of a small chapel and belfry tower. The belfr

D G S Dhinakaran

Dr.Duraisamy Geoffery Samuel Dhinakaran, was an Indian Evangelical Preacher and founder of the Jesus Calls Ministry, born on July 1, 1935 at Surandai in Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu, India. He attended St.John`s college, Palayamkottai and subsequently was awarded a Bachelor degree in Mathematics from Madras University in 1955. He had a very tough life being torn by the ailments of poverty and agony of unemployment. Unable to bear the agony of these problems, on February 11, 1955, Dr.D.G.S.Dhinakaran decided to put an end to his life. He started towards the nearest railway track in his village to throw himself before the speeding train when he was stopped by his uncle who introduced Jesus Christ. He experienced a sudden wave of divine peace and hope, flood his heart. His mind was transformed and he returned home enlightened. After this incident, things started happening in him supernaturally. There arose an unquenchable thirst in him to spend hours together poring over the lif