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Dr Ida S Scudder

Dr Ida Sophia Scudder an American Medical Missionary in India belongs Reformed Church in America, was born on 09th December 1870 to Dr. John Scudder Jr. and Sophia, part of a long line of medical missionaries. The granddaughter of John Scudder, Sr., as a child in India, she witnessed the famine, poverty and disease in India. She was invited by Dwight Moody to study at his Northfield Seminary in Massachusetts, where she earned a reputation for pranks. She dedicated her life to the plight of Indian women and the fight against bubonic plague, cholera and leprosy. She initially expected to get married and settle down in the United States after seminary, but in 1890, she went back to India to help her father when her mother was ailing at the mission bungalow at Tindivanam in Tamilnadu. She had expressed a resolve not to become a medical missionary, but during that stay, she had the enlightening experience of not being able to help three women in childbirth who died needlessly in one nig