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Mary Mitchell Slessor's Quotos

MARY MITCHELL SLESSOR’s Quotos…… 01. Keep close to Jesus — Mary Slessor 02. God is never behind time — Mary Slessor 03. Sin is loss for time and eternity — Mary Slessor 04. An arm of flesh never brings power — Mary Slessor 05. The secret of all failure is disobedience — Mary Slessor 06. This book, will be a lamp to you and guide you — Mary Slessor 07. Good is good, but it is not enough; it must be God — Mary Slessor 08. If you play with temptation do not expect God will deliver you — Mary Slessor 09. It were worthwhile to die, if thereby a soul could be born again — Mary Slessor 10. O God!" she prayed, "old and feeble and unworthy as I am, help me to win them — Mary Slessor 11. Blessed the man and woman who is able to serve cheerfully in the second rank — a big test — Mary Slessor You must be the leaders of your race and help them to rise, but you can only lead others to Jesus if you follow Him closely yourself — Mary Slessor MARY MITCHELL SLESSOR’s Life Story……       Mar

St. George Monastery Israel

Just a few minutes from the Jerusalem-Dead Sea highway, St. George's Monastery awaits amid a spectacular biblical desert where Christian monks maintain their ancient way of life. St. George's Monastery began in the fourth century with a few monks who sought the desert experiences of the prophets, John the Baptist and Jesus and settled around a cave where they believed Elijah was fed by ravens (1 Kings 17:5-6).The sixth-century cliff-hanging complex, with its ancient chapel and gardens, is still inhabited by a few Greek Orthodox monks. It is reached by a pedestrian bridge across the Kelt River canyon, which many imagine to be Psalm 23's Valley of the Shadow and where shepherds still watch over their flocks, just as Ezekiel 34 and John 10:1-16 describe. The valley parallels the old Roman road to Jericho, the backdrop for the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:29-37).

Mary Mitchell Slessor

Mary Mitchell Slessor, known as "Mother of All the People", was a Scottish missionary to Nigeria, born on 2nd December 1848 in Mutton Brae, which was the home of Mary Slessor, at Aberdeen in Scotland, the second of seven children, only four of whom survived childhood. Her father, Robert Slessor, originally from Buchan, was a shoemaker and her mother, Mrs.Slessor, from Oldmeldrum, was a deeply religious woman of sweet disposition, who had a keen interest in missionary work in the Calabar, South Eastern region of Nigeria. Mary's mother, a strong believer in the Christian faith, had hoped that her eldest son, Robert might become a missionary, but he died at the age of sixteen. At that same time her father was sacked from the shoe factory and the family headed south to Dundee in hope of a new life.

Bernard Mizeki

Bernard Mizeki was an African Christian Missionary and Martyr, was born in 1861, at Mamiyeri Mitseka Gwambe in Inhambane, Portuguese East Africa (Mozambique). His parents belong to Shangaan origin named Mamiyeli Mitseki Gwambe. He received no formal education during the early part of his life, there was no local school. He was twelve years old, he left his home and went to Capetown, South Africa, where for the next ten years he worked as a labourer, living in the slums of Capetown, but firmly refusing to drink alcohol and remaining largely uncorrupted by his surroundings. After his day's work, he attended night classes at an Anglican school. Under the influence of his teachers from the Society of Saint John, the Evangelist, particularly the German missionary Baroness Paula Dorothea von Blomberg, he became a Christian and was one of the first to be baptized in St Philip's Mission, Sir Lowry Road on 09 March 1886. Then, he mastered English, French, high Dutch and at least e