Free Bibles for Olympic participants

Olympic ParkThe Bible Society is readying thousands of copies of the Bible for distribution among participants at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Olympic Village Religious Services Centre will be handing out 3,000 copies of commemorative English language Scriptures. Another 1,000 copies of Bibles and New Testaments will be available in other languages through partnerships with national Bible Societies around the world.

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David Willson, Chief Executive of More Than Gold

David Willson, Chief Executive of More Than Gold, said: "At past Olympics and other major sports events I've seen athletes deeply grateful for the free gift of a Bible. Bible Society is to be highly commended for their support in making such gifts possible." There are two Bibles being distributed in the English language - The Sports Good News Bible and The Sports Good News Gospel of Luke. Both contain specially commissioned articles written to help sportspeople consider the relationships between sport and faith.

" Bible Society Group Chief Executive, James Catford, said, "The achievements we gain on the outside are driven by the people we are on the inside – that's what we discover in the story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus written by Luke and found within the Christian Scriptures." The Bible Society has launched a special appeal to help meet demand.

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