Rev. Fr. Salbetore Tennacchio visits to India

Rev. Fr. Salbetore Tennacchio visits to IndiaChristian Devotees from across the Country witnessed the 'Velankanni Matha' car procession, ringing in the penultimate day celebrations of the annual feast festival of Our Lady of Good Health here on Friday. The six cars floated through a sea of humanity marking another ecstatic spiritual experience next only to the first day's flag hoisting event. The procession commenced from the entrance of the main shrine. The event would be followed with the lowering of the flag on Saturday evening, bringing the curtains down of the nine-day festival that witnessed lakhs of pilgrims thronging the venue. Also the nine-day festivity was marked by litanies in various languages for pilgrims across various regions.

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Rev.Fr.Salbetore Tennacchio, Papal Ambassador to India

Rev.Fr.Salbetore Tennacchio, Papal Ambassador to India and Rev. Fr.Devadoss Ambrose, Bishop, Thanjavur Roman Catholic Diocese participated in the car procession of the Our Lady of Good Health Shrine at Velankanni on Friday. Papal Ambassador to India stated that the shrine is celebrating its golden jubilee and the festival was a symbol of communal harmony as people from many faiths took part in the fete.

Rev.Fr.Salbetore Tennacchio, Papal Ambassador to India attended Velankanni Matha Church's car procession
Velankanni Matha Car Procession

Rev.Fr.Salbetore Tennacchio's Big Temple at Thanjavur

On Saturday, the Papal Ambassador to India Rev. Fr. Salbetore Tennacchio also visited the Big Temple at Thanjavur. He was accompanied by Bishop of Thanjavur, Rev. Fr.Devadoss Ambrose, Fr.Tennacchio and saw the sculptures, epigraphs, magnificent vimana and the Nandhi mandapam at the temple. He was informed that the temple was a World Heritage monument declared by the UNESCO.The temple's distinguishing features-like how the vimana on the sanctum sanctorum was 212 ft high and the gopurams at the entrance are small as opposed to the other temples where the gopuram is tall and the vimana small-were explained to the Papal Ambassador.

Rev.Fr.Tennacchio later told press persons that he was 'impressed by the beauty of the temple'. The king who built the temple remained a symbol of secularism and communal harmony. Rev.Fr.Sahayaraj, Chancellor, Bishop House also accompanied Rev.Fr.Tennachhio during his visit.

The Papal Ambassador was given a warm reception at the Bishop's house on his arrival. Later he handed over the Chalice, blessed by Pope Benedict XVIth to the Bishop. The Chalice has been presented to Velankanni Shrine to commemorate the completion of 50 years of the consecration of the Church as a shrine.

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