India Celebrates World Sunday School Day

Sunday School DayThe "World Sunday School" was founded with a great challenge to save and shape the children community after seeing thousands and thousands of street children who neither go to school nor to Church by Serampore trio (William Carey, Joshua Marshman, and William Ward) in India at 1803. Every year first Sunday of November, the "World Sunday School Day", was observed by the Churches. The day is being observed to commemorate the day and its significant change of effective effects towards this modern world especially to the children of the Sunday School in nurturing their shape in way of how a good Christian by birth should adapt to grow in the society through the foot-steps of Christianity's religion principles.

Sunday School

Sunday school is a programme which runs every Sundays after the Mass to train young people by elders in those churches. Sunday mass is done by most of the churches in the world. It was an idea proposed by Mr. Robert Raikes founder and father of Sunday school, in the Gloucester Journal on 1780s in England. He published an article regards Sunday school in his own journal which was supported by many priests in the following days. In India, Sunday school was founded by Serampore Trio William Carey, Joshua Marshman, and William Ward under the initiative of Marshman in Calcutta in the year of 1800.

Development of Sunday School

It was giving education to working children on their one day off from the factory. It aimed to teach the youngsters reading, writing and giving knowledge of the Bible. In 1785 it was reported that 250,000 children were attended Sunday School- there were 5000 in Manchester alone. By 1895, the 'Society for the Establishment and Promotion of Sunday Schools' had distributed 91,915 spelling books, 24,232 Testaments and 5,360 Bibles. The Sunday School movement was cross-denominational and through subscription built large buildings that could host public lectures as well as classrooms. In the early days, adults would attend the same classes as the infants, as each was instructed in basic reading.

In some towns the Methodists withdrew from the Large Sunday School and built their own, and the Anglicans set up their own 'National' schools that would act as Sunday Schools and day schools. These schools were the precursors to a national system of education and the churches dominance in primary school provision till the present day.

The role of the Sunday Schools changed with the Education Act 1870, in the 1920 the promoted sports and it was common for teams to compete in a Sunday School League. They were social centres hosting amateur dramatics and concert parties. By the 1960s, the term Sunday School could refer to the building and not to any education classes and by the 1970s even largest Sunday School at Stockport had been demolished. From then Sunday School became the generic name for many different types of religious education pursued on Sundays by various denominations.

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