Christians challenge to read Bible in the year 2013

Christians challenge to read Bible in the year 2013Worshippers in Wales are being invited to make a New Year's resolution to read the entire Bible in 2013. The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, has launched the Bible Challenge out of a desire to see people become more familiar with the book at the centre of the Christian faith. He is asking people to set aside just 20 minutes each day to read passages from the Old and New Testaments. In addition to the reading challenge, people are being invited to nominate their favourite book in the Bible. The top five nominations will form the core of a Bible course to be led by the Archbishop during Lent, in the weeks before Easter.

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Writing to parishioners, Dr Morgan said, "How much of your busy and hectic day is spent watching TV, listening to radio, scanning newspapers, social networking, and reading (or even writing) blogs? How much is spent reading the Bible? "If, like me, you feel guilty about the comparatively little time spent reading God's Word, you will welcome the Bible Challenge, which sets out a simple-to-follow scheme to cover the whole Bible in a year, with daily readings from both the Old Testament and New Testament.

"It would be marvellous on so many levels if, from January 1st onwards, you could join me across the Llandaff Diocese in committing around 20 minutes each day in 2013 to reading through the Bible. "My earnest prayer is that deciding which Biblical book has been the deepest influence in your life, followed by the Lent course, together with our daily reading of the Scriptures in 2013 will enrich and transform our faith and lives."

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