Christians in Zimbabwe organise mass march Against Corruption

Christians in Zimbabwe organise mass march Against CorruptionThousands of Christians are marching in Zimbabwe this week to protest against corruption. The mass march of Christians was organised to coincide with the global Anti-Corruption Day yesterday and is part of the yearlong anti-corruption campaign, Exposed 2013. Churches say that corruption is keeping millions of people trapped in poverty. Leaders of Zimbabwe's three largest Christian bodies have signed a letter urging Christians to rise up against corruption.

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Dr Shana Goodwill, who as Chair of the Heads of Christian Denominations representing 75 per cent of the nation's Christians, said: "Here in Zimbabwe we will march on our cities to show our anger at corruption. He also said the world church had a vital role to play in ending corruption. "If Zimbabwe can do it, any country can," said Dr Goodwill. "We want to send a message to the world. We have a dream. Ending corruption can help the poorest people in the world. "The church needs to shine its light in the world and put the spotlight on corruption."

Dr Goodwill is chair of Heads of Christian Denominations in Zimbabwe (HOCD) comprising the three main Church bodies - Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops' Conference, Zimbabwe Council of Churches, and the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe - representing millions of Christians. He is also a member of the national Anti-Corruption Commission and sits on the Steering Group for Exposed 2013 coalition campaign around corruption.

The Exposed campaign aims to mobilise 100 million Christians against corruption by October 2013. The year of campaigning will culminate in a global vigil from 14 to 20 October. During the year, campaigners will be aiming to secure 10 million signatures online to deliver to G20 leaders in November 2014.

Dr Dion Forster, International Co-ordinator of EXPOSED, said: "These anti-corruption campaigners in Zimbabwe are inspirational their actions will send a message to the rest of the world that enough is enough. "We are no longer content to put up with corruption. The world's poor are eager for us to act."

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