‘Christians should become Generators of Joy’ says Archbishop

'Christians should become Generators of Joy' says ArchbishopChristians of all denominations in Guwahati unitedly held a pre-Christmas celebration on Sunday, to celebrate the peace and joy of Christmas. The pre-Christmas get together, a practice initiated 15 years ago by the then Archbishop of Guwahati Thomas Menamparampil, was held at Panbazar, Guwahati. Pastor Aziz ul-hauque of Baptist Church, where the get-together was held, said the celebration helps to strengthen the unity among the various churches. "It has built up emotional closeness among the churches," he added.

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Archbishop Menamparampil recalled how over the years the various Churches have built up a close relationship. In his Christmas message, he emphasized the need for Christians to become "bearers and generators of joy". Our lives may be clouded in pain and sorrow but even in the "midst of our pain there is joy in our hearts". "We need to hold back our sorrow and generate joy to cheer another in greater pain, because at the depth of our being there is joy." Carols in various languages and skits with relevant messages made the evening memorable, ushering in the spirit of Christmas.

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