Dr.Peramangalam Porinju Job (Dr.P.P.Job)

Dr.Peramangalam Porinju Job, known as Dr.P P Job, a prominent Christian preacher and referred as Indian Billy Graham was born on January 19, 1945 at Kunnamkulam in Kerala, India. He made a missionary tour over 129 countries of the world, was proved truly, he was a global missionary. He was the President of the "International Christian Association" over 33 years, founded by Rev.Richard Wurmbrand, as a publisher and distributor of Christian literature worldwide and the founder of "The Love in Action Society."

Dr.Peramangalam Porinju Job
Name: Peramangalam Porinju Job
Born : January 19, 1945 at Kunnamkulam in Kerala, India
Founded : Michael Job Centre
Missionary Work: 129 Countries including India
Died: August 19, 2012 near Budapest, Hungary

Peramangalam Porinju Job's early life

He was born on January 19, 1945 at Kunnamkulam in Kerala, India to the devout Christian parents. He had a challenging childhood. He learned basics from his mother. After finished his schooling, he had gone for studying theology at Union Biblical Seminary in Yavatmal, Maharasthra, India and earned a degree. Later, he had finished Ph. D in Theology.

Michael Job Orphanage
Michael Job Centre

Getting married

He began Evangelist career in 1963. He married Dr.Mary Job, a medical doctor, the daughter of missionary parents on September 02, 1971. The couple had blessed by two sons, John Job and Michael Job.

Become a Christian Leader

He was a powerful preacher of the world. He had visited 129 countries in the world, proved he was a true global missionary. In 1972, he formed "The Love in Action Society," which marked the start of his missionary vision. Later, as a loyal associate of Rev.Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand over three decades.

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Publishing Christian literature

He was established Sabina Printing Press at Faridabad in 1976. He distributed Christian literature worldwide, including places where the word was inaccessible. At present, the printing press publishing three million items of Christian literature annually in 37 languages.

Michael Job Matriculation Higher Secondary School
Michael Job Matriculation Higher Secondary School for Girls

Christian Medical Centre

In 1984, he founded a Christian Medical Centre at Kalkaji in New Delhi and sponsored medical aid to poor. He was very enthusiastic about retrieving the rights of the girl child and empowering them; hence, the Michael Job Centre for girls at Coimbatore and Orissa is proving a testimony of his commitment.

Tragedy struck in Job's life

In 1999, an attempt was made on Dr. Job's life by Hindu radicals in India, who did not like his Christian work and influence. On July 26, 1999, the Hindu radicals killed his 21-year-old youngest son, Michael Job by running him down with a car near the medical college where he was studying medicine in Dehradun. In 2007, tragedy struck once again Job's life, his second son John Job killed on January 17, 2007 in Dubai by Muslim radicals who targeted him because of his religious beliefs.

Michael Job Orphanage

P P Job  interactions with the orphanage students
P P Job interactions with the students
After the sudden tragedy, he started an Orphanage, a Centre for girl children of martyred and persecuted Christians in 2000. He also founded the Michael Job Matriculation Higher Secondary School for Girls in 2003, Michael Job Memorial College of Education for Women in 2004, Michael Job College of Arts and Science for Women in 2005 at Sulur in Coimbatore in Tamilnadu to impart quality education over 2000 girl students. He also founded Dr. Job's Mission in 2003, Dr. Job's Mission to the Persecuted Church Inc., USA and Ittianam Enterprises in 2008.

Mappe Medal

As a dynamic evangelist serving tirelessly for over half a century, he was honoured by different countries and world leaders. He was awarded the Mappe Medal by the Mayor of Seoul, South Korea. His biography "His Masters Job" translated into various languages is being sold in millions of copies. "With a Dynamic Man of God", "Why God Why", "Fifth Gospel" and "Turn Your Sorrow" are his other literary contributions, reaching out to over so many globally.

Michael Job College of Arts and Science
Michael Job College of Arts and Science for Women

P P Job's Death

He entered his heavenly abode on August 19, 2012 near Budapest, Hungary where he had addressed a Sunday morning gathering at a Church. After lunch while taking rest, he had a sudden heart attack when he was 67 years old. His mortal was laid to rest on August 28, 2012 at York Cemetery, Prithviraj Road, New Delhi, India. His Mission today reaches out all over the world.

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