Christian Missionaries attached for sharing ‘Love of Jesus’

Christian Missionaries attached for sharing ‘Love of Jesus’Five Christian women missionaries have been beaten by a man in the Andhra Pradesh State of India while sharing about the “Love of Jesus” in a public marketplace. They retreated to safety, thanking God for the honour of suffering for His sake. The women, all leaders in the Gospel for Asia (GFA)-sponsored Women's Fellowship ministry. “Jesus promised persecuting and hardships,” says Daniel Punnose, Vice President of GFA. “These young ladies see it worth facing the beatings in order to share the love of Christ.”

Bansari, Jaladhi, Kuyil, Sunita and Viveka from GFA

The women, named Bansari, Jaladhi, Kuyil, Sunita and Viveka, from Gospel for Asia (GFA) had been sharing about the love of Jesus Christ in a public marketplace. While doing, one man demanded to know what they were doing and slapped to the face of one woman and continued to the others. The attack took their faces, ears and heads. Reports reveal that no bystanders came to their rescue during the ordeal and that they miraculously escaped from their multiple attackers. They thank God for the privilege of suffering for Him.
Special prayer is requested for the women attacked in Andhra Pradesh, India and for all the women missionaries and leaders of Women's Fellowships who work in cultures where women endure cultural oppression and degradation.
“When we see young women publicly beaten for the faith, it tells us what the future holds in regards to persecution,” Punnose, Vice President of GFA says.
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