Dalit Christians in India demand to grant quota

Dalit Christians in India demand to grant quotaAbout 100 Dalit Christian leaders representing various states and different denomination of the church in India gathered at the CNI Bhavan to deliberate on the issue and take a political stand in the light of the forth coming general election-2014. They also said, “In the ensuing parliamentary elections, Dalit Christians will not vote for political parties, including ruling Congress coalition, that have not supported actions to grant quota rights to dalit Christians”
The dalit leaders have decided not to the support the Government and any political party which fails to take serious action to resolve the issue soon. They are also requesting the authorities of all the Church denominations to collaborate and do the same, said a press release. The leaders have expressed disappointment over the negligence of the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance Government.
The Indian Constitution allows quotas in educational institutions and government jobs for dalit, members of castes once considered untouchable, to help them advance socially and economically. But Christians and Muslims are denied these benefits on the ground that their religion do not follow cast system. Successive Governments in the last 60 years have failed to do justice to the dlait Christians, who according to some estimate form 80 percent of India's some 23 million Christians.
They asked the Government to follow its own commission’s recommendation to grand Scheduled Caste status to dalit Christians and Muslims. The Commission headed by retired Supreme Court Judge Ranganath Mishra said in a 2007 report that denying the quota right to dalit Christians and Muslims violated the constitution that uphold equality of all.
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