Pakistan Christian Congress condemns the violence against Christians

Pakistan Christian Congress condemns the violence against ChristiansPakistan's Christians and Minorities are caught between Islamic militant organizations and feudalism that routinely target Christians and Minority for violence, and the Islamic culture that makes Christians feel insecure. A Catholic Nurse, Nazia Masih, working at Cheniot Hospital was started pressurizing by one Ghulam Muhammad for marriage and converting to Islam otherwise she would be abducted or he will throw acid on her. Muhammad has reportedly abducted Hindu girls from the local villages and forcefully converted them or they reportedly have been raped.

Nazia Masih

Nazia Masih, a Christian Nurse said, “I am feeling insecure and not feeling safety, I am facing lots of problems and getting life threats, I am upset and my family members are in great danger and they are continually being threatened by Ghulam Muhammad and his friends, I am terrified and under threats I want and demand security for my life and my family lives we are under fear of hurt and insecurity we are Christians and poor that’s why such incidents happened with us. We are not safe in Pakistan and nor our honor or belongings.”

Pakistan Christian Congress (PCC)

The Central Executive Council of Pakistan Christian Congress has strongly condemned the rising incidents of enforced conversion to Islam of minority community women in interior Sindh. They urged Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Chief Minister of Sindh to provide adequate security to a Christian family in Pardi-ji-Goth in Sanghar district of Sindh to whom a Muslim is threatening of enforced conversion to Islam and marriage with him of a Christian girl of that family.
Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC said “There are hundreds of Hindu families migrating to India to safe respect of their women whom influential Muslims of interior Sindh are kidnapping and enforcedly keeping as sex slaves but Christians of Sindh of not any country to migrate who are also under threat of Muslims towards their women”. Dr. Nazir Bhatti invited immediate attention of CM Sindh on incident of Padri Jo Goth in district Sanghar where one criminal Muslim named Ghulam Mohammad with support of local police is threatening one Christian girl Nazia and her family to marry him and convert to Islam.
“Pakistan Christian Congress PCC will be forced to raise issue of threats to Nazia Masih on national and international forums if Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Chief Minister of Sindh, not took action against Ghulam Mohammad and security to Christian family within 3 days” warned PCC Chief. Dr. Nazir Bhatt said that government of Pakistan have failed to provide security to Hindus and Christians when Christian homes are being set on fire and blasphemy cases against Christian are rising in Punjab province while Hindus are target in Sindh province of Pakistan.
According to Hindu Punchaiat of Sindh, 20 Hindu girls in interior Sindh are abducted, raped and sold in marriage to Muslims after enforced conversion to Islam by influential Muslim landlords. There was 20% Hindu population of Pakistan in 1947, when Pakistan was formed which decreases to 2% in 2013, because due to atrocities in social and economic fields by Muslim majority of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Hindus have migrated to India.
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