Pope Francis brings attention to the poor says Fr Federico Lombardi

Pope Francis brings attention to the poor says Fr Federico LombardiThe director of the Holy See Press Office and Director General of Vatican Radio, Father Federico Lombardi, SJ, has been to World Youth Days under three Popes – John Paul II, Benedict XVI and now Francis. He said each Pope has his own individual style and way of speaking to young people. “We recall the Popes of the World Youth Day, obviously. Every one of them has his style, his way of speech, his different relation to the young people,” Father Lombardi said.
He said the charismatic personality of John Paul II was essential for the genesis of the event and he was very good in communicating concretely with young people. However, Father Lombardi told Vatican Radio that each Pope has to confront in their own way the unique challenges facing their times.
“At the time of John Paul II, there was the problem of East and West maybe for some of the World Youth Days, then [with Pope Benedict XVI] there was the problem of the digital generation in Madrid and so on. We see now that Pope Francis brings the attention to the urgent needs of the world of today – the poor, hunger, justice, human spiritual development,” he explained. “The church is brought to the mission, to be very open to announce to the entire world the strength of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” Father Lombardi said.
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