Youths meet to raise funds for missionaries around the world

Youths meet to raise funds for missionaries around the world3N1 Youth Ministries is Linton Assembly of God's youth ministry that meets once in a week on Tuesday. It is on a mission to raise $30,000 for missionaries all around the world. After service many of the teens and leaders hang around and play a variety of games and they are currently working to raise funds for the "30G's for Jesus" program through Speed the Light that purchases much needed equipment for missionaries, such as vehicles and computer equipment. The project was inspired by the Assembly of God Youth Convention last November.
"Speed the Light is a program for Assembly of God Youth Groups that is a challenge for teenagers to raise funds for missionaries, specifically for equipment they need. Missionaries can often find the support they need personally, but the area they are called to could there might have insufficient transportation, equipment, media or a language barrier and they they challenged us to see how much our youth group thought they could raise for Speed the Light. Everyone made a pledge. We totaled the pledges and they came up to about $30,000," Youth Pastor Billy Worland explained.
"They have raised about $6,000 on their own, and everything above that has been through the 30 G's for Jesus campaign. I'm really impressed with our students. They are an incredible group and they are doing awesome," Worland said.
"Right now the big focus is challenging students to get the word out through their own Facebook or media to generate some momentum ... Our plan was to have 3,000 people donate $10 to Speed the Light ... I believe that we will. I believe God will help us get there. Our group has never given more than $5,000 before, so what they have done already is amazing is amazing," Worland also explained.
""We feel like it is something god has put on our hearts. We want to get the focus off ourselves and be a blessing to missionaries all over the world. There will be missionaries in the US who benefit from this, and pretty much every continent but Antarctica. It's literally all over the world," Worland also said.
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