Catholics observe Justice Sunday in India

Catholics observe Justice Sunday in IndiaThe Catholic faithful in India observed Justice Sunday, on 19 August 2013 on the theme "Globalisation and Justice in India". The Observance of Justice Sunday was marked by special Masses in all the parishes of all the dioceses, all over the country as well as in the world, enabling the faithful to reflect on the theme. Through appropriate homilies, the bishops and priests of the in India encouraged and enabled the faithful to reflect on the theme Peace on Earth in Justice. In New Delhi's Sacred Heart Cathedral, the Sunday service was celebrated with a special mass.

Father Maria Susai

In his sermon, parish priest Father Maria Susai urged the faithful to proactively promote justice and peace in the world that is increasingly engulfed by war and violence. “A strong commitment to the cause of justice is warranted by one’s faith in Jesus who is the supreme model of love, justice and peace,” he said.
Citing the examples of the modern day martyrs of justice like Archbishop Romero and Fr. Thomas SJ, who was killed by the land mafia in Bihar, the priest declared that there could be no peace without justice. He also stated that justice and peace had a symbiotic relationship and that one would not exist without the other.
Justice Sunday is observed annually on the Sunday following the Independence Day and is promoted by the Office for Justice, Peace and Development of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India.
In view of facilitating a meaningful observance of the day, the Justice, Peace and Development Office of the Catholic Bishops‟ Conference of India had published and widely disseminated suitable literature that was later translated by some of the Regional Forums into such regional languages as Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu.
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