Aged Christian Couple beaten and persecuted in Karnataka

Aged Christian Couple beaten and persecuted in KarnatakaSister Sannamma and her husband who are strong believers and great evangelists in Kolipalya village, Chamrajnagar District, Karnataka State, India, went to Mukanapalya village, few kilometers away from their home town to share the gospel on September 13, 2013. On their way back home after spreading gospel, they also visited Nirayanpalya village. At that time, about 100 radicals assembled from surrounding three villages, came and stopped them on their way and snatched the Bibles and tracks from their hands tore them into pieces, bet them on the street, shouting at them in slang language.
The mob questioned them that, "Why you are bribing the poor, low caste Hindu people and converting them and taking them to church?" Then pulling sister's saree beating her mercilessly in front of her husband and dragged them both to a nearby temple poured water on both of them (this is like making them religious cleansing because they had accepted Christ) in front of everyone and by force they applied all the pooja stuff that is the Kunkum on their forehead that signifies that they are a Hindus. Finally, they threatened them if they give the complaint to the Police Station will face dare consequences. The radicals also by force made them to sign in a paper telling that they will not share the gospel or take any one to the church any more.
Local Thasildhar and Police were present there but did not file a complaint on those radicals but they filed the conversion case on this couple inspite of been beaten up mercilessly. Sister Sannamma is hospitalized in Government Hospital in Chamrajnagar district with lot of inner bruises on her body and head.

Old Couple's Gospel Work

The old couple are the active members and Evangelist of the Glorious Church. This couple goes together to every village in and around their village Kolipalya, every evenings to distribute tracks, share the gospel, pray with them and if those new people want to know more about Jesus or want to attend the prayer they take them to the Church. Through this couple many new people started coming to church, nearly 37 families are saved and are a strong believers in Christ now.
Sister Sannamma (50) and her husband (55) are from an Orthodox Lambhani's Caste, Hindu religion and they accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and were baptized in 10 years back. After getting baptism, they are living and working for Christ. They do not have any children.
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