Christians in Orissa fear over insecure and frustrated state

Christians in Orissa fear over insecure and frustrated stateThe Christian community in Orissa, India is afraid, insecure and frustrated according to Sajan George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) as it continues to be the victim of official discrimination. The latest incident occurred on November 23 in Phulbani, Kandhamal District. Catholic Brother KJ Markose, who is also a lawyer, found that the authorities had allowed the construction of a Hindu temple right across from the town's Catholic Church.
The new Temple building is on state land. According to the parish priest, the initiative is likely to cause tensions between the two communities, but local officials have so far failed to explain why they allowed the building of such a place of worship. For Christian leader, the state must be courageous" and stop Hindu fundamentalists. The two buildings are located opposite one another with little space between.
The local parish priest, Fr Angel decided to meet with a district official. "I explained to him that Hindu and Christian holidays may overlap and crowds could overflow," he said, "causing difficulties and problems, undermining relations. However, the official was unable to respond" to my request.
The official's attitude clearly shows the collusion of Hindu radical forces with those in Government with the aim of intimidating the Christian minority. Orissa must be courageous and stop the fundamentalists' plan so as to prevent targeted violence in the future," Sajan George said. Source Asia News

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