Our country's in great need of spiritual growing: American Evangelist

Our country's in great need of spiritual growingBilly Graham, an American foremost evangelist delivered a half-hour video message to the American people on the occasion of his 95th birthday and the famed evangelist is delivering his final message to the American people that 'Our country's in great need of spiritual awakening'. The message is featured in a specially recorded video titled My Hope America. "With all my heart, I want to leave you with the truth," he says. He expressed concern that the United States is departing from its Christian roots. "There have been times that I have wept as I have gone from city to city and I have seen how far people have wandered from God." he says
The video includes highlights of his impressive decades-long ministry as "America's pastor". It included photos and clips that underscore his ministry's intersection with decades of American life and politics, showing him alongside presidents (John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton) as well as with Martin Luther King Jr., Pope John Paul II and Johnny Carson.
Franklin Graham, CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, says his father's mind is clear but his energy often wanes. "Sometimes I try to get him out to get a hamburger, just to get him out of the house," he says, persisting when his father demurs. "He'll look at me half-disgusted and say, 'Wait until you turn 95.' "
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