Thousands from Nepal participated in the rally of Christ the King

Thousands from Nepal participated in the rally of Christ the KingThousands of Christians, Hindus and Buddhists from Nepal attended at Christ the King procession organized by the Catholic Church at Kathmandu in last November 23 to celebrate the closing of the Year of Faith, which ended on Sunday with a solemn Mass in St. Peter's Square. A great devotion of the population has joined the event, interrupting their work and participating in the ritual despite the climate of tension due to the recent elections to the Constituent Assembly.
Priests, religious, lay people and non-Christians have walked reciting the Rosary and hymns from St. Mary of the Assumption School to the church by carrying candles, images of Jesus postcards with passages from the Bible. For the occasion, the local church has set up a special car on which discovery. Pius Perumana, Vicar of the Diocese led the procession with magnificent clothes. The celebration was attended by more than the community of Kathmandu also those of the Godavari and Lubhu Baniyatar, who followed the procession displaying their flags and banners.
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