Happy Holidays! Google wishes all on Christmas Eve

Happy Holidays!  Google wishes all on Christmas EveHappy Holidays! Tuesday is Christmas Eve and Google is celebrating the holiday season with a picture on its homepage. The picture shows a fun-filled white winter scene with two kids riding a one horse open sleigh on a snow covered field with three barren trees in the background. Christmas Eve is an integral part of Christmas festivities; people start celebrating Christmas from this day with families, relatives, co-workers and communities gathering for dinner in the evening and churches holding special services including Midnight Mass

Santa's journey

Google has also included a link on its homepage to track Santa's journey around the world as he goes about delivering gifts to children. Follow Santa's journey
“On Christmas Eve we’ll be proudly showcasing a preview of Santa’s dashboard - the technology that powers his sleigh during his around-the-world journey,” said Google. “Santa’s dashboard - featuring the latest and greatest in Google Maps technology and sleigh engineering - will allow you to follow his progress around the world, and also learn a little about some of his stops along the way.”
The first Google doodle was created by Larry Page and Sergy Brin Google in the year 1998 to mark the celebrations of the Burning Man Festival. Google currently has over 1000 Doodles. The latest Google doodle features a message from the company when users roll their cursors over it, saying "Happy Holidays from Google!" The doodle first appeared early December 24th morning, or Christmas Eve, for regions near the international dateline, such as New Zealand. It is now visible in India as well, at the google.co.in page.
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