APFC demands representations in the public election

APFC demands representations in the public electionThe Seventh General Body Meeting of Andhra Pradesh Federation of Churches (APFC), held on March 27, 2014 at St John’s Regional Seminary, Hyderabad. APFC President and Moderator of Church of South India- Bishop G.Dyvasirvadam, who chaired the meeting welcomed the gatherings, reminded the members about the problem of insecurity the Minorities particularly the Christians still face in the country and state. He was felicitated on his appointment as the Moderator of CSI by APFC President Archbishop Thumma Bala and General Secretary Bishop Gali Bali.

Seventh General Body Meeting of APFC

During the Inaugural address, Most Rev. Vincent Cocessao, Archbishop Emeritus of Delhi and Chairman of National Committee for United Christian Prayer for India spoke about Secular Alliance Movement led by him along with leaders of other Faiths. He insisted on the crucial need to ensure the victory of the secular parties in the coming elections and prevent communal parties coming to power by making sure that the votes of the Minorities and secular-minded people do not get divided in the coming elections.
During the meeting, the members expressed that even after the Bifurcation of the State, the APFC must continue as one body if necessary making changes in its name and byelaws. The most important point of the meeting was the deliberation on the ensuing state and general elections. While urging all the citizens, especially the Christians in the State, to actively participate in the democratic process by exercising their right and duty to vote, APFC advised them to elect service-minded, secular and sincere leaders who are free from crime, corruption and communalism.
Finally, APFC urges the Political Parties to uphold the national values of secularism, pluralism and communal harmony, to strive for social justice and equality of the marginalized groups, to ensure basic human rights of food, shelter, health, education and employment, and to promote the Minority Rights. It also urges to include the following demands of Christian Minority in the election manifesto and strive to implement them earnestly. The demands are extending SC status to the Dalit Christians, continue the grant-in-aid to the Church-run Educational Institutions and fill up vacant aided posts pending from 2004 without further delay, constitute the State Christian (Minority) Finance Corporation fully and allocate at least 15% of the funds and schemes under the Prime Minister’s 15 Point Programme and Minority Welfare budget, representations to Christians must be given in the legislative and civil bodies, administrative panels and in various commissions / boards and at least one Assembly seat in each district and two Lok Sabha seats in the State must be assigned to Christian Minority.
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