Pope Francis meets leaders of other Churches and faiths in Korea

Pope Francis meets leaders of other Churches and faiths in KoreaPope Francis met the leaders of the different Christian Churches on Monday in Korea, together with the heads of the other main religious communities. The meeting was held in Seoul’s Catholic cathedral, just ahead of a concluding Mass. Pope Francis had an opportunity to meet briefly with Korea’s religious leaders.
Standing in front of a painting representing the recurring leitmotif of this visit, the Korean martyrs, the Pope greeted, one by one, among others: the Anglican Bishop of Seoul, the President of the Lutheran Church and the head of the Presbyterian churches in the country. Korea’s Buddhist leaders and representatives of other Christian communities were also present, along with the Orthodox Archbishop, who presented the Holy Father with a byzantine cross. The Pope appeared to be particularly pleased with this gift, promising to use it to impart the final blessing at the Mass.
“We must continue walking together”, Pope Francis told the ecumenical gathering, “walking with God and going forward together. Pray for me”.
Religious observers in this country say that relations among the different confessions in Korea are cordial and rarely subject to many of the tensions experienced elsewhere in the world.
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