Bangladeshi - Dominic becomes PIME missionary: The first in History

Bangladeshi -Dominic becomes PIME missionary: The first in HistoryFr. Dominic Monto Hasda was ordained a priest on August 07 and he will leave in January 2016 to begin his own mission in Papua New Guinea. His parents converted by PIME missionaries and as a child, Dominic dreamed of being like them, humble and loving one’s neighbor. I "surrendered to Jesus Christ to serve the poor and the glory of God with my love”, says Fr. Dominic Monto Hasda, the first tribal Santhal in history to become a priest of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME) in Bangladesh.

Most Rev. Gervas Rozario, Bishop of Diocese of Rajshahi

The ordination ceremony was held on August 07, in the Cathedral of Rajshahi dedicated to Christ the Redeemer, his native parish. Mass was celebrated by Most Rev. Gervas Rozario, Bishop of Diocese of Rajshahi involving 55 priests, nuns and some 1000 faithful. "I am pleased that a local young man has become a PIME priest - said the bishop. “So far we have enjoyed the service of the missionaries here, now our people will go abroad to preach the Gospel."

Fr. Dominic Monto Hasda's speech

Fr. Dominic said "My grandfather was not a Christian. My parents were the first ones to welcome Jesus Christ as their savior. Since my childhood I have seen the incredible contribution of the PIME priests and nuns in our region. Their way of life made me want to immediately be a PIME missionary."
As a young student, he studied nursing at a State Hospital in Rajshahi. He worked there for a year because the third of nine children, his salary was needed at home. However, his parents did not hinder his decision to pursue his religious vocation. "Without the support of my parents, I could not have become a priest. I am grateful to them," Dominic said.
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