What a Wonderful day is Christmas!

What a wonderful day is ChristmasChristmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. The name 'Christmas' came from the Mass of Christ or Jesus. The Christmas festival will commence from the “Advent Sunday”. The worship on Advent Sunday shows the awaiting of Jesus Christ’s birth anniversary and to prepare for celebrating it. According to the Gregorian calendar, the Advent Sunday will be absorbed prior to four Sundays of December 25, the day may be the first Sunday of November 27 to December 03. In 2016, it celebrated on November, 27, 2016. Many Christians remember Jesus Christ's birth when they celebrate Christmas Day, which is on December 25 in the Gregorian calendar. His actual birthday remains unconfirmed. Celebrations of Christmas festival begins on Advent Sunday and continue till New Year's Day.
In Christian households, preparations for Christmas begin at least a month in advance. People get their homes whitewashed and indulge in spring cleaning of the house to give it a fresh new look. Ladies start preparations for the traditional Christmas cake which is anxiously awaited not just by the entire family but also by the neighbors!! Hectic shopping activity takes place as everyone buys new clothes for the festival. Christmas Gifts are also bought for friends, relatives and kids in the family. Biggest festival for Christians - Christmas is also the time for family reunions. People staying in different cities for job or higher studies rush back to their homes to celebrate Christmas with their near and dear ones.
Many Christians mark Christmas Day by attending special church services, spending time with family members, wearing new clothes and eating a festive meal. Some families exchange gifts or give small presents or sweets to children. They may display small electric lamps or small clay oil-burning lamps. Some also put up a nativity scene with clay figures or a Christmas tree.
National, state and local government offices, post offices and banks are closed on Christmas Day. Christian stores, businesses and other organizations may be closed or have reduced opening hours.
Spending more time to build a Christmas crib, decorating our home and surroundings with lightings are one of our remarkable moments in our life. But, true Christmas festival is focusing the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. Being cheerful during the Christmas season really will help to spread Christmas spirit to those who around us. Jesus Christ was born for decorating holiness of our heart. So, we decorate holiness of our heart. Christ must be born in our heart. Jesus Christ wants our holiness not our decorations.
Help others those who are the needy in our society and wish them a Merry Christmas that is a real Christmas.
Wonderful Day Christmas
Wonderful Day Christmas
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