CSI Karungal Home Church celebrates 128th Church Day

CSI Karungal Home Church celebrates 128th Church DayChurch of South India (CSI) Karungal Home Church celebrated 128th Church Day Ceremony on the evening of 09th August 2021. The celebration was presided by Rev.J.John Jebadas, Presbyter of the Church in the presence of Rev.S.E. Simeon, Presbyter of the Church and Mr. J. Ashok, Evangelist of the Church. Followed by the grand ceremonies, there had a missionary dedication festival and 10 missionaries in the various mission organizations were dedicated. The church was founded by Rev. Isaac Henry Hacker in the June, 1894.

Dedication of Missionaries

As a sign of spiritual revival in the Church, Lord has urged the families of the Church by His grace enabling to uphold the missionaries through their generous offerings. 2 missionaries from VISWAVANI and each missionary from Diocesan Missionary Prayer Band, Yesu Nallavar Ministries, National Missionary Society, Ark Bible Translators, Alliance Defending Freedom India, Mission to the Blind, Friends Medical Mission International and Gospel Echoing Missionary Society were dedicated. Bro. Bala, Alliance Defending Freedom India, Chennai delivered the Lord’s message during the celebration.
Before that Lord has graced the Church to support 52 Missionaries. The Committee for Missions of the Church is taking initiatives and moving forward with a vision to send a minimum of 100 missionaries within two years. Earlier, the Church organized a Missionary Awareness Exhibition Programme in 2019 (MAEP 2019) to remind the Mission history of our nation and the sacrifices of the Missionary Martyrs, raise up Missionaries from the young generation and to urge the Church members to support the Missionary Organizations.

Adv. T. Hubertson, Convener of MAEP 2021

Adv. T. Hubertson, Convener of Missionary Awareness Exhibition Programme – 2021 (MAEP 2021) and Mr. S. Christopher, Convener, Committee for Mission Work of the Church made the arrangements for the above programme. Followed by the celebration, Love Feast was offered.
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