Mormon missionaries take to Facebook to drum up converts

Mormon missionariesMormon missionaries are harnessing the power of Facebook to reach out to new members, conducting more than 1m online chats with prospective members in the past year. The Church is taking advantage of the global network Facebook offers as an alternative to its traditional pavement pounding practices of its door to door salesmen.

Elder Erich Kopischke, head of the Church’s European operations, told The Times that: “one post on Facebook could reach 900,000 people in an instant”.

Kopischke added: "If you think about the idea of door-knocking, Jesus once said, 'your mouth speaks what your heart is full of'. Why do people knock on doors? Because their heart is full. Why do people use social networks? Because they have something to say. Door-knocking is sometimes understood as aggressive proselytising. "If I want to share with you what is really on my heart or that I have observed something, [social networking] is easier than to make the trip."

Almost half a million people have ‘liked’ the church’s Facebook page and there are currently 900 Mormon missionaries and 200,000 members in Britain.

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