Catholics formed Theological Forum in Andhra Pradesh

Catholics formed Theological Forum in Andhra PradeshCatholic theologians of Andhra Pradesh under the initiative of the Andhra Pradesh Regional Bishops' Council (APBC) Commission for Doctrine and Theology have formed a regional theological forum called "Andhra Pradesh Theological Forum (APTF)". Some fifty theologians from all over the state met at St. John's Regional Seminary, Hyderabad, on January 07. Chairman of the Commission, Archbishop Prakash Mallavarapu of Visakhapatnam in his presidential message stressed the importance of theologising in the context of the local church. Theological knowledge, he said, should benefit the local church.

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Bishop Thomas Dabre of Pune, in his orientation talk titled "Specialization Scholarship and Professorial Career at the Service of the Local Church", invited the group to use their expertise in theological disciplines for the growth of the local church. He also emphasised the need of doing theology in the local language in order to have a greater regional outreach.

The participants discussed the scope and the objectives of the forum and suggested many activities including organising seminars and publication of theological articles in the local language. An executive body was elected to steer the forum. It decided to hold two meetings a year. The first of such event is a seminar to be held on 24-25 July, 2013, on Lumen Gentium, the Vatican-II constitution on the church and its significance for the local church.

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