Cardinal Oswald Gracias condemns the violence in Orissa

Cardinal Oswald Gracias condemns the violence in OrissaCatholic nun was kidnaped and raped by a gang of men in Orissa State, India earlier this month. The 28-year-old victim had reportedly received a message that her mother was ill and hurriedly took a train home. At the local station she was met by several cousins and neighbors, who said they would take her to her home. Instead they carried her to an isolated location, held her for several days and repeatedly assaulted and raped her. She was eventually returned to the train station. The nun filed charges against her assailants on July 13. Two men have been arrested.
The president of the Bishops' Conference of India (CBCI) condemns violence against a religious group, belonging to the Franciscan Missionaries of St Joseph and criticizes "the lethargy of the Government agencies and the slowness of the machinery of justice", perceived as a debasement of the victims.
“I strongly condemn the gang rape suffered by this young nun. Such violence is physical and emotional terrorism against our women and against humanity, one of the worst possible crimes." says Cardinal Oswald Gracias, President of the Bishops 'Conference of India (CBCI). "This violation of a young nun - said the cardinal - is an evil act, because this woman has consecrated their lives to God Rape is a horrible crime and a heinous transgression against the honor of women. Reflects the abysmal state of women in our society, in our community and in our nation."
Thinking about the dynamics of the facts, the Cardinal stressed that "it is not a barbaric act casual, but a planned revenge”
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