Muslims attacked 22 Christian churches in Egypt

Muslims attacked 22 Christian churches in EgyptThe wrath of the Muslim Brotherhood against the forced eviction of the sit-in pro-Mohamed Morsi, he rails against Christians. At this time the Islamists attack seven churches Catholic and some 15 religious buildings of the Coptic Orthodox and Protestant. The assaults occurred in Cairo and in the Governorate of Sohag (Upper Egypt). Fr Rafic Greiche, Spokesman for the Egyptian Catholic Church speaks at least seven Catholic churches were attacked and another 15 between Coptic Orthodox and Protestant. At the moment it is not clear whether there are deaths and injuries.
The retaliation took place immediately after the riots of last night in the neighborhoods of al-Rabaa Nadha and Adawiya, in the capital, Alexandria, Suez and El-Fayum, where the police have cleared with bulldozers fields organized in the past weeks by the Muslim Brotherhood. Have lost their lives in the attack to 95 people, according to military sources.
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