Sister Sarah Navaroji passes away

Sister Sarah Navaroji passes awaySister Sarah Navaroji, the woman who penned countless Christian songs praising the virtues of Lord Jesus Christ, passed away on July 22, 2014. She was born in a Christian family as the youngest child. She learned Carnatic music from her father who was a Violinist, Carnatic music teacher. At a young age, identifying her love for music, her father gave her a surname ‘Navaroji’ instead of his own name. Navaroj is a raga in Carnatic music. While in high school, she was participated a song competition of UN Organization and won the first prize.
She was accepted the Lord as her Saviour at the age of 15. In 1960, when she was 21, planned to a mission trip to Sri Lanka, boarded in a train at Danushkodi and she was awaiting her mother’s arrival at the Danushkodi railway station to see her off. Although time ticked on, her mother did not turn up when she penned a Christian lyric ‘Ennai marava Yesu nadha’. It went on to become so famous that the song is sung in all Tamil churches across the world to this day.
She then joined Tamil Nadu Electricity Board and while working in Tamil Nadu Electricity, she quit her job after she saw a vision and realized the calling of God upon her life and began to work full-time ministry. From then, she served the Lord full-time as an evangelist and Gospel singer.
In her songs, music, grammar systematically pursued. The renowned Audio production company – HMV is prepared and published her songs continuously. All India Radio is also broadcasted her songs for many years. An International University in Rhode Island awarded the doctorate to her. She has written 365 songs in the last 50 years, compassion sets, singing published. She is now 76 years old, not married. She remained a spinster until her death.
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